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We understand that some dogs need more than an afternoon stroll and that's exactly what your dog will get with Kootenay Canine Adventures in Cranbrook. It's important for your dog to get proper exercise and pack socialization.  Let us take your pup out and ensure you have a happy, tired dog when you get home from a long day. We pick up and drop off your pet so it's one less stop during a busy day!

Whether you work full time and want regular scheduled walks, or you're a busy mom who needs a helping hand to tire out the pup while you tire out the kids, we offer dog walking Cranbrook and Kimberley with a variety of options to accommodate all our 4 legged friends! 

We are first aid trained to protect the safety of your pet and insured and licensed to take care of all the legal stuff. (see info page for details)


Originally from Whistler, then  Pemberton for 15 years and relocated from Squamish in 2017 to pursue a more relaxed lifestyle with my partner. My love for dogs and exploring the great outdoors naturally lead me to combine the two things I love the most. Dog walking in Cranbrook and Kimberley. 


Kootenay Canine Adventures caters to all breeds and behavior types. We understand that not all dogs have the same needs and we offer a variety of services to suit. Check out our services page to find a service that works for your furry friend!

We have 10 pack walks happening every week with a few spots for private walks in between 

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We get it, It's not easy letting a stranger walk your pup. We promise to take very good care of your fur child while out on adventure and encourage you to ask any questions you may have. We will have questions for you too ;)

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